Protect your crop: use CottonMap

Cotton Australia urges all cotton growers, farm managers, consultants, agronomists and contractors to input their planted cotton fields into CottonMap to help protect their crop against Group I herbicides, such as 2,4-D.

The site is available at

CottonMap is a collaboration between Cotton Australia, Nufarm Australia Limited, the GRDC and the CRDC. More information on spray drift is available at the following sites:

CottonMap website:
Cotton Australia website:
Spraywise Decisions website:
Grains Research and Development Corporation website:

When using insecticides, farmers are also encouraged to check the BeeConnected website - - to connect with registered beekeepers, enabling two-way communication on the location of hives and crop protection product activities. The app is made available by CropLife Australia.

Spray checklist

1. Know what to do:

  • Read and follow label instructions – it is a legal requirement
  • Ensure spray applicators are fully trained and accredited

2. Check the conditions before spraying:

  • Monitor conditions before, during and after spraying
  • Do not spray when there is a surface temperature inversion – strongest between midnight and sunrise – or when wind speeds are very low

3. Consider your neighbours:

  • Check for cotton fields that could be impacted by drift – spray droplets can travel further than 20km
  • Notify your neighbours of your spray plan

4. Adjust your spray equipment:

  • Select nozzles that produce coarse or large droplets and use them in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications 
  • Minimise boom height when spraying and slow down – high speeds significantly increase potential for drift