Biosecurity is about protecting farms, the environment, the economy, and people’s health from pests and diseases. It includes trying to prevent new pests and diseases from arriving, and helping to control outbreaks when they occur.

Cotton Australia holds the official role for biosecurity stewardship in the Australian cotton industry, and works with the Australian Government to manage this national priority through its membership of Plant Health Australia. Visit PHA's cotton page here.

This work includes:

  • representation and involvement in national debates;
  • policy development and implementation;
  • prioritisation of resources;
  • decision making;
  • overseeing the Cotton Industry Biosecurity Plan;
  • helping to manage incursions that affect cotton.

What to do if you suspect a problem

Biosecurity is the protection of your property, and the entire industry, from the entry, establishment and impact of exotic pests. Biosecurity measures implemented on-farm by growers play a key role in protecting the Australian cotton industry from exotic pests.

Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility. If you suspect a pest incursion, call the Exotic Plant Pest Health Line on 1800 084 881 and Cotton Australia (02) 9669 5222.

Quick links

Biosecurity Group

This group meets annually to discuss current industry biosecurity issues and to make sure the cotton industry’s responsibilities under the Emergency Plant Pest Response (EPPR) Deed are met each year.

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