Snap Send Solve app: A Tool to Combat Spray Drift

Cotton Australia has introduced a new tool to address the issue of spray drift affecting cotton crops. The Snap Send Solve app provides a platform for cotton farmers to document and report spray drift incidents efficiently, facilitating timely responses from growers and industry stakeholders.

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How to Use

Download the App: Users are required to download the Snap Send Solve app on their smartphones.

  • Join the Cotton Australia Group: Upon installation, users can sign into the Cotton Australia group using the provided password/code: Cott123.
  • Capture and Report: Once signed in, users can use the app to capture photos of spray drift damage or evidence and send them to Cotton Australia for appropriate action.
  • Authorization for Investigation: Users have the option to authorize Cotton Australia to refer the incident to the relevant authority for investigation.

Snap Send Solve app user guide

Real-Time Mapping

The app enables virtual real-time mapping of spray drift incidents. This feature alerts all users, allowing them to take necessary actions to protect their crops and neighboring farms promptly.


Cotton Australia is collaborating with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and enforcement agencies. The aim is to promote best practices in pesticide use and raise awareness about the consequences of non-compliance.

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About Snap Send Solve

Over 500,000 Snap Send Solve users have reported more than 3 million different types of issues across Australia and New Zealand with photos, descriptions, geolocation and more, for free.

Snap Send Solve app
The Snap Send Solve Spray Drift app interface

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Snap Send Solve app