Cotton Australia provides an up-to-date library of images and videos to showcase the modern Australian cotton industry, our farms, our practices, our crop and the technology used to make it all happen.


Cotton Australia's photo library may be used freely for non-commercial educational purposes. Such use will not be subject to Copyright Act statutory licence fees.

Individuals or organisations intending to use the photos for commecial purposes must first contact Cotton Australia to seek appropriate permissions. 

Photo Credit

All photos obtained from the Cotton Australia photo library must carry a caption when republished in any format: "Courtesy of Cotton Australia"


Cotton Australia's photo library has recently moved to a new platform.

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Submitting photos

Cotton Australia collects photos of on-farm best practices related to the myBMP program. Examples include best practice around the farm, including upgrades to installations and equipment. Email for more information.


Cotton Australia also provides video resources on our YouTube channel, accessible here.