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Multi-media support resources for teachers.

How to Grow a Pair of Jeans
What: An on-line visual slide show explaining the journey from a cotton seed to a pair of denim jeans
Author: Cotton Australia



The Australian Cotton Story (primary school version)
What: A short video explaining the basics of cotton farming and how it produces the products we use each day
Author: Cotton Australia 


The Australian Cotton Story (high school version)
What: A short video explaining the basics of cotton farming and how it produces the products we use each day
Author: Cotton Australia

Water use efficiency
What: An interview with Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay about water use efficiency in the Australian cotton industry
Author: Cotton Australia


Breeding a sustainable future
What: This YouTube video, deigned to support the unit of work of the same name, interviews scientists to explore the development of practices in the cotton industry to improve yields and sustainability, and to understand the connections of science through disciplines, including the role of reproductive technologies.
Publisher: Primary Industries Education Foundation of Australia
For sight impaired audio version click here


Cotton under plastic trial
Trying to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature is always a challenge for farmers all over the world. But some savvy scientists think they might have worked out a way for cotton growers in central Queensland to do just that. 
Author: ABC Landline

Visual Story of Cotton
What: An editable Prezi presentation, the story of cotton told in pictures, from seed to finished products
Author: Cotton Australia 



What: A short video showing insects attacking both Conventional V Transgenic varieties - it clearly shows the benefits of using biotechnology in cotton to reduce the use of insecticides
Author: Cotton Australia

The History of Cotton in Australia

What: A video outlining cotton's history in Australia, starting with the First Fleet
Author: Cotton Australia


Cotton best management practices with the Austin Family

What: A mini-documentary with the Austin family from Dawson Valley and how the application of Cotton Best Management Practices has benefitted their farm.
Author: Fitzroy Basin Association


Fine Cotton

What: A short ABC news report on water use efficiencies in the cotton industry
Author: ABC News


Green Cotton
What: A short ABC new report on the demand for Australian cotton produced using Australia Best Management Practices
Author: ABC News

Nan Yang Textile Mills (China)
What: Nan Yang Textile Co., Ltd. is the spinning mill of the Nan Yang Textile Group. The dyeing and finishing of yarn is done at the Nan Yang Knitting factory. Nan Yang Knitting Factory is a textile dyeing and finishing company, active in custom pre-treatment, scouring, bleaching, calendering, and specialty finishing of cotton and cotton-blended yarn and fabrics.
Author: Nan Yang Textile Mills

The Making of Denim
What: From yarn to Denim at Cone Mills for the production of Self Edge Jeans
Author: Cone Mills


The Making of WeSC Denim Jeans

What: A video explaining the cutting, sewing, stitching and manual treatment of denim
Author: WeSC


Exploring the Production and Promotion of Fibres
What: This YouTube video explores how cotton fibre is made into fabric – specifically towels. It features an interview with Wee WaacCotton grower Daniel Kahl and Australian Weaving Mills Factory Manager John O’Connor.
Publisher: Primary Industries Education Foundation of Australia