Cotton in the News

Links to news coverage of the Australian cotton industry.

Cotton trials set to improve water efficiency
What: The Gwydir Valley Irrigation Association (GVIA) conducted row configuration water efficiency trials at two locations in the Gwydir valley, Auscott “Watervale” and “Keytah”, Moree, during the 2014-2015 cotton season.
Author: The Land

Cotton an attractive option for NSW farmers​
What: A combination of good prices, a change in seasonal conditions, better varieties and flexibility in licensing has attracted more farmers to cotton the 2015-16 season
Author: The Land

Cottoned On
What: The Australian cotton industry's growth in Southern NSW is investigated by Landline.
Author: ABC Landline

2014-15 crop breaks Australian yield records
What: An article on record yields and solid pricing for the 2014-15 Australian cotton season 
Author: The Land

Top 2014-15 crop at Dirranbandi
What: An article profiling cotton growers Martin and Karen Sullivan at their farm at Tooroora, south-west of Dirranbandi, Queensland.
Author: Queensland Country Life

Solar energy on Australian cotton farms
What: Gunnedah NSW cotton grower Scott Morgan hosted the CottonInfo Big Day Out at 'Kensal Green', on February 25, 2015, showcasing his use of solar energy and changes to irrigation methods.
Author: The Land

Emerging Bollgard technologies 
What: Monsanto Australia has worked closely with the Cotton Australia's Transgenic and Insect Management Strategies (TIMS) committee and technical panel to develop the Bollgard III technology, with a result expected by the end of 2015.
Author: The Land

Growing cotton under biodegradable plastic
What: Cotton researchers showcase the latest trials growing cotton under biodegradable plastic in Northern Queensland, featuring Cotton Australia Regional Manager (Central Highlands), Renee Anderson.
Author: ABC Landline

Cotton as a natural fibre and synthetics
What: Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay and CRDC non-executive director Richard Haire, discuss the cotton industry's response to the threat posed by synthetic (manmade) fibres.
Author: ABC News

Get Muddy on Tour - Cotton Farming
What: This news article and video shows journalist Sam Trethewey interviewing grower and Nuffield Scholar, Nigel Corish, at the tail end of harvesting on-farm near Goondiwindi, Qld.
Author: Mick Russell

Cotton in Northern Victoria
What: Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay discusses the growth of the Australian cotton industry in Northern Victoria and the Riverina region of NSW.
Author: The Age

Cotton industry's commitment to research and development
What: Then Chair of Cotton Australia Lyndon Mulligan and Chair of the CRDC Dr Mary Corbett, say the cotton industry has progressed due to well funded research.
Author: ABC News

Who’s hogging the water?
What: When the Murray Darling is in strife, the finger often gets pointed at Queensland and the cotton growers. But is that really fair?
Author: Triple J Hack - Western QLD 2010

Mining vs Farming
What: Prime agricultural land on the Darling Downs is the new target for open cut mining and coal seam gas projects. Meet 24 year old triplets Dan, Nick and James. They want to save their farm
Author: Triple J Hack

Green Cotton
What: A short ABC news report on the demand for Australian cotton produced using Australia Best Management Practices
Author: ABC News

Fine Cotton
What: A short ABC news report on water use efficiencies in the cotton industry
Author: ABC News