Cotton Australia supports a range of competitions and in-school programs aimed at increasing the awareness of the Australian cotton industry, cotton as a natural fibre, and the environmental gains of which we are so proud.

They include:

The Archibull Prize

The Archibull Prize is an Art4Agriculture initiative delivered with the support of Cotton Australia and other funding partners. The Archibull Prize is an engaging, fun and interactive way of connecting communities with the people who produce their food and fibre. The program builds a bridge for farmers and communities to reach out to each other, share stories and improve understanding and work through potential solutions together.

How does the competition work?
The Archibull Prize is an integrated program which engages secondary and primary school students in agricultural and environmental awareness through art, design, creativity and teamwork by:

  • Providing a blank, life-sized fibreglass cow for students to create an artwork on or to use as the subject of an artwork.
  • Giving each school their own primary (food or fibre) industry to explore and showcase. 
  • Pairing schools with Young Farming Champions and Young Eco Champions who share their sustainable farming journey and work with the students throughout the duration of the project.
  • Supplying a resource kit with curricular connections.
  • Supplying Matisse paints.
  • Connecting farmers, natural resource managers and industry and community experts with students.
  • Rewarding effort with cash prizes and opportunities to have the art work exhibited at local and state events.

Visit to see a great range of curriculum-linked teaching resources which explore the role agriculture plays in the health, wealth and happiness of Australians and many other people around the world.

Natural Fibres Make and Model Competition

Cotton Australia is a proud sponsor of the Natural Fibres Make and Model Competition.

For 20 years, the Natural Fibres competitions have been held at local Queensland shows throughout the year before first and second place winners head to the Ekka (the Brisbane Show) to compete in the State Final. The competition showcases garments made from at least 60 per cent natural fibres.

The competition is a great stepping stone for up and coming designers, dressmakers and people who just love to sew to display their creations infront of more that 400,000 people. There are classes for adults, kids, day wear, creative, formal wear, calico and wearable art. 

This event is run by The Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies with the support of Cotton Australia, The Dawson Valley Cotton Growers and other funding partners.

For more information including entry conditions please click here.

Cotton2Couture Award: Apex Australia Teenage Fashion & Arts (AATFA) Youth Festival

Cotton Australia is proud to support Cotton2Couture - a national cotton sewing competition for secondary school students through the Apex Australia Teenage Fashion & Arts (AATFA) Youth Festival.

The 2016 theme for Cotton2Couture is‘Cotton Fashion Forward’ and the competition open to secondary students from across the nation.

Students are asked to reinterpret a vintage garment from the Darnell Collection, giving it a modern and contemporary twist. The marking rubric is designed to be very clear and could be integrated into some teaching programs.

The competition opens in February 2016. Regional and State Finals will be held between May to September, 2016, and the National Finals will be held on October 22, 2016.

For more information including entry conditions please click here.

Other competitions supported by the Cotton Industry include:

Science for Growth Awards

The Science for Growth Awards is a fantastic opportunity for Year 9 and 10 school students around Australia to improve their scientific skills by engaging in real-life science investigation projects, meet scientists plus win cash prizes.
This competition is funded by PICSE (which is supported by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation) and the Australian Government Department of Education.
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