Cotton Careers

If you haven’t yet considered a career in agriculture, now’s the time to start. With the earth’s population set to reach over 10 billion in the next 90 years a skilled and efficient workforce needs to be ready to feed and clothe the world.

The Australian cotton industry offers keen people a chance to build a career in a fast-paced and dynamic industry. Starting with a range of training and education options, the cotton industry strives to create a “cotton career pathway” where employees can progressively upgrade their skills and knowledge throughout their cotton career.
The cotton industry offers employment in a vast array of skilled and unskilled areas of the agribusiness sector.

A-Z of Cotton Careers

A – Agronomist, Agricultural Engineer, Ag Teacher
B – Bug Checker, Biochemist, Banker
C – Crop Consultant, Chemical Reseller, Classer, Commodity Broker, Contract Machinery Operator
D – Developer, Designer
E – Entomologist, Extension Officer, Economist
F – Farmer, Farm Hand, Farm Manager, Farm Surveyor, Financial Advisor, Fashion Designer
G – Gin Manager/Worker, Ground Rig operator, Geneticist
H – Hydrologist
I – Irrigation Specialist, Insurance
J – Journalist
K – Knitting textile machine operator
L – Lobbyist, Lawyer, Land Valuer, Logistics
M – Microbiologist, Marketer, Market Analyst, myBMP auditor, module builder, mechanic
N – Natural Resource Management scientist, nutritional analyst
O – Occupational Health and Safety
P – Plant Pathologist, Public Relations, Policy Manager, Plant Nutritionist
Q – Quality assurance auditor
R – Researcher, Real Estate, Regional Manager
S – Soil Scientist, Soil Pathologist, Soil Conservationist, Sales Rep, Shipper, Seed Production
T – Technical Assistant, Tax Consultant, Trainer, Tractor Driver
U – University Lecturer
V – Vocational trainer
W – Water Quality Testing Specialists, Workplace Health and Safety
X – Xcel spreadsheet data technician
Y – Yarn buyer
Z – Zone marketer in cotton commodities