2022 Australian Cotton Conference

The final survey results from attendees at this year’s Australian Cotton Conference shows close to 98% rates the event as excellent or good with 98.5% saying they would attend again, based on their experiences this year.

Cotton Australia CEO, and member of the organising committee Adam Kay thanked the 475 people who took the time to respond to the conference survey.

“It’s clear that the vast majority appreciated the efforts that went into the 2022 Australian Cotton Conference and that’s reflected in the response. With most attendees heading back into a busy time, it’s amazing that nearly 20% of attendees gave us their views. Statistically that’s very significant.”

The organising committee is examining all the responses and comments carefully to isolate areas for improvement for the Australian Cotton Conference in 2024.

“Given that nearly 45% were first timers, some wanted better signage for venues and an overview of facilities prior to the conference start.”

Like all good surveys, some of the gold can be found in the comments section. One writer enthused about the myBMP workshops, run by Cotton Australia’s Rob Crothers and Nicole Scott: I enjoyed the BMP Workshops - great hands-on approach to actually get some modules done!

Another contributor was mindful of the attendance of generations of families with grandparents and parents being able to attend sessions once the kids were taken to the well-received kids club activities.

Perhaps the final word to one anonymous attendee who took the time to put into words their own summation: As someone who pretty much attends cotton conferences around the world, I definitely think that the Aussie conference is one of the best if not the best! The quality of arrangements, the exhibit, the participation, the vibe, the number of growers and supply chain participants you can see at once, the venue, and most importantly the community over all is all outstanding.