Industry push for myBMP certification for dryland growers

Ian Gourley a dryland cotton grower from Narrabri and President of the Dryland Cotton Research Association is keen to see more dryland growers achieve their myBMP certification. Drawing on insights from his recent myBMP certification, Ian aims to demystify common misconceptions surrounding the process.

Ian expressed his initial concerns, stating, "The idea of myBMP certification seemed daunting initially, but the actual process turned out to be much more manageable than I expected."

Attributing his success to the guidance provided by Alec Macintosh his local Cotton Australia Regional Manager, Ian stated, "With support, I adapted my practices to meet myBMP requirements. The collaborative effort made the journey straightforward."

Discussing perceived challenges, Ian emphasized, "While the myBMP program demands effort, most growers already have 90 to 95% of the necessary information in place. We've adapted over time to industry and agency requirements, incorporating practices such as maintaining spray records, implementing employment contracts, and ensuring safety through first aid and Chem Cert training."

"The myBMP process is not as intricate as it may seem. It's about incorporating practices we already follow. Plus, the online accessibility of the BMP platform allows us to complete it at our own pace." He stated.

myBMP certification offers a number of benefits, including insurance discounts from Achmea Insurance, and the ability to negotiate premiums of between $3 and $8 /bale through Better Cotton. It's a valuable initiative for the dryland cotton community.

Find out more about myBMP Certification for Dryland Cotton Growers or contact your Regional Manager for more information.

Ian Gourley, President of the Dryland Cotton Research Association
Ian Gourley, President of the Dryland Cotton Research Association