Get To Know: Harriet Brickhill, Regional Manager – Southern NSW

What does your role involve?

Working with growers to help them undertake the myBMP program as well as facilitating the two-way conversation between growers and industry by sharing information to improve linkages and connection to help shape and progress the cotton industry.

How and why did you become involved in the Australian cotton industry?

I was drawn to becoming involved with the industry because of its progressive reputation and focus on R&D.

Why is the cotton industry important to Australia, and your local community?

The cotton industry can provide an attractive and profitable return for growers, which in turn helps to generate other business and employment within our regional communities.

What are you most proud of regarding the Australia cotton industry?

The information sharing that occurs, everyone is out to help others improve and increase knowledge.

What are your future hopes for the Australian cotton industry?

That consumers and community understand and recognise the tireless work and effort by the growers to produce natural fibre in a sustainable way.

If you weren’t working in cotton, what job would you be doing?

I always secretly wanted to be a kindergarten teacher!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Playing sport, walking my dog and being outdoors.

What is your ideal holiday destination and why?

Anywhere with a mountain to climb and good waves to catch.

What is your favourite movie/book?

James Bond – No Time to Die

What three famous people would you invite to a dinner party, and why?

Will Anderson, Hugh Van Cuylanberg and Tom Tilley - all three are really smart, witty and have interesting chats about the big things in life.