Cotton Australia collaborates with Indian Government to boost Tariff-Free access quota

A high-level delegation representing the Indian government's textile industry engaged in discussions with Cotton Australia, ACSA, and Austrade earlier this week to explore potential collaborations. The talks aimed to identify areas of mutual interest and foster cooperation between the two nations.

With the activation of the Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA), 50,000 tonnes of Australian cotton can now enter India without tariffs, marking a substantial reduction from the usual 11% tariff. Cotton Australia is actively advocating for an increase in this tariff-free quota, working with officials such as Mr. Kansal, the Additional Secretary from India's Textile Ministry, to grant Australian cotton greater access. This move is intended to facilitate Australian brands wishing to manufacture in India using Australian cotton.

During the discussions, the delegation showed keen interest in understanding Australia's sustainability credentials, particularly in relation to myBMP, as well as traceability and ongoing efforts regarding textile circularity.

Soil health webinar

To foster relations and collaboration Cotton Australia also recently supported a webinar for Indian Cotton Growers run by the All India Cotton Farmer Producer Organization Association in conjunction with the Australian High Commission (Agriculture).

The webinar, which featured Dr. Oliver Knox, aimed to assist Indian growers to improve soil health.

Cotton Australia's Adam Kay met with a delegation from the Indian government textile industry
Cotton Australia's Adam Kay and ACSA's Rob Cairns met with a delegation from the Indian government textile industry