Cotton Australia backs NFF Keep Farmers Farming campaign

The National Farmers Federation has launched its ‘Keep Farmers Farming' Campaign on behalf of its members (including Cotton Australia) to increase political awareness and advocate for policy changes from the Albanese government.

The campaign focuses on five themes, including protecting farmland, securing access to water, giving farmers a fair go, filling jobs on Aussie farms, and safeguarding export partnerships.

The campaign tagline is "Keep Farmers Farming," which seeks to convey a sense of urgency around the immediate policy pressures facing farmers and the importance of protecting the basic ingredients of farming.

The cost-of-living message is also emphasized in the campaign and the need to be smart about feeding and clothing ourselves into the future.

The campaign, launched yesterday in a major media event, will involve farmer case studies, media releases, and social media posts. Growers are urged to support the campaign by sharing it through their networks and social media channels.


NFF's new president David Jochinke launched the new #keepfarmersfarming campaign.
NFF's new president David Jochinke launched the new #keepfarmersfarming campaign.