Celebrating the Remarkable Women of Mungindi

In the heart of southwest Queensland, Mungindi quietly thrives as a cotton-growing community, and the women who call it home contribute in remarkable yet unassuming ways. As we mark International Women's Day, it's fitting to spotlight these accomplished individuals who, in their unique ways, contribute to the prosperity of their town and the broader rural landscape.

Anna Harrison, Community Leader

Grower, Anna Harrison, is a dynamo in Mungindi, injects energy and laughter into the town's fabric. As the 2021 Northern Tablelands Woman of the Year, her work with the Mungindi Progress Association exemplifies her commitment. Anna's involvement in the NFF Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program and becoming the first female President of the Mungindi Jockey Club showcases her trailblazing spirit.

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Nellie Lawson, Agronomist

Nellie Lawson, a beloved agronomist born and bred in Mungindi, contributes to producing some of the world's best quality and sustainable cotton. Beyond her extensive knowledge, Nellie's kindness and generosity inspire young minds in cropping, reflecting the inclusivity that defines Mungindi's community.

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Rebecca Longworth, 4th Generation

Rebecca Longworth, a fourth-generation Mungindi farmer, leads South Bunarba Agriculture with a unique approach to family farming. Her commitment to sustainability, exemplified by the family's move to myBMP certification, reflects the forward-thinking spirit of rural women in Mungindi.

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Anna Maguire, Flying High in the Bush

Anna Maguire, living her bush dream at 29, showcases the determination of Mungindi women. Growing up in Dalby Anna always knew she would give flying a go given her grandfather’s experiences of being a trailblazing bush pilot at Hughenden.

Now at 29 she is living her bush dream and flying a bigger plane than she ever dared to hope she would, and bigger than her much-loved grandfather could ever imagine.

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Anna Cheng, Bridging Cultures through Agriculture

Anna Cheng's journey from Taiwan to Mungindi was made possible by the sense of community she feels.

Anna says it was being in town for the two big events, the Mungindi Show and Mungindi Races that made her fall in love with the community.

The most exciting part for Anna is gaining work with Cleveland Agriculture and being able to drive their AgTech program to improve efficiency and outcomes.

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Stacey Garsed, The Heartbeat of Mungindi's Committees

Stacey Garsed is on about every committee there is in Mungindi.

Her decade-long dedication to the Mungindi Show reflects the collaborative efforts that make Mungindi a community where everyone is welcomed.

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Karen Taylor, Paramedic Making a Difference

Karen Taylor retrained as an ambulance paramedic while working full time and raising two young children.

Moving to Mungindi has been life changing for her and her family.

Professionally, being in an isolated ambulance station means her clinical capabilities and confidence are tested daily. Oddly it is the community spirit of Mungindi that has provided the antidote to the loneliness of city living.

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Bianca Tootell, Managing the Skies

As the operations manager of Precision Aerial, Bianca Tootell, oversees the intricate ballet of crop spraying. There are a lot of moving parts which give Bianca quite a few sleepless nights. But there is nothing she would rather do, and she takes pride in the family they have created at their airport base.

The challenges she has overcome highlight the strength of rural women who confidently manage multifaceted responsibilities.

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Jess Strauch, Rising Star

Former Cotton Australia Young Achiever of the Year Jess Strauch loves having a regionally based career with global connections.

As Queensland Cotton Growers Services and Cotton Lint Pricing Manager she has shot up the ranks in record time.

Jess says it’s all because the amazing mentoring she has received in the cotton industry.

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This cluster of brilliant, determined women of Mungindi inspire inclusion and foster a sense of belonging.

With over 90% of Australian cotton farmers volunteering for at least one community activity, these women are just an example of the people who define the collaborative spirit that defines cotton communities like Mungindi.

As we celebrate the remarkable contributions of these women, let us recognize that Mungindi is just one thread in the rich tapestry of cotton-growing communities across Australia. In each of these communities, the dedication, and unwavering spirit of women play a crucial role in shaping the agricultural landscape.