Our Levy Payers

Cotton Australia’s success and effectiveness is only possible with the support of our levy payers. To those growers that contributed the full Cotton Australia levy for the 2015-16 year, we thank you for your continued support. To view a breakdown of full levy-paying growers for the 2015-16 season – valley by valley – please click the ‘+’ symbol within the relevant valley on the map. Notes: some growers chose not to grow cotton in 2015-16, which is reflected in this list, and growers who made part levy payments are not included. Please contact Cotton Australia if your levy payer status requires updating.

Central Highlands, Burdekin

AP & MK O'Regan
Arcturus Downs Limited
Armfleece Pty Ltd 
Australian Food & Agriculture Company Limited
Avondale Farming
Carl Hunt Morawitz and Robyn Lorraine Morawitz
Chris Ryan Family Trust
Colorada Cotton Pty Ltd ATF NT Burnett Family Trust
Cowal Agriculture Operations P/L
CQ Compost Pty Ltd
Crandly Pty Ltd 
CT Farming
Dal Santo Farming Co.
DC & JA McCullagh
Deneliza Family Trust
Garden Creek Pty Ltd ATF Volck Turner Family Trust
Grech Cotton
Koala Ridge Pty Ltd ATF Currimundi Farming Trust
Mosley Farming Trust
MS & SP McCosker
Pelican Enterprises Qld P/L
Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges - Emerald
Robert G Anderson, Janice M Anderson, Bradley H Anderson and Renee L Anderson
Roger Maurice Lewis ATF Rossdhu Trust and Lindy Ann Lewis ATF for Rossdhu Trust
Ross William Burnett
R & R Lewis Enterprises Pty Ltd 
Steven Carl Morawitz
TA and KP Richardson
Vancard Pty Ltd ATF The Vancard Discretionary Trust
Wyuna Farming

Darling Downs

A & A Balmain & Sons
AD AV & BL Hetherington
Agricom Pty Ltd ATF The Commens Agri Trust
Alderton Farming Company
Alexander Gregory Bazley and Jennifer Kaye Bazley
Alister Piggeries
Arrawatta Farming Co & McVeigh P'Ship
Barabool Farming Pty Ltd
Baneda Pastoral Co Pty Ltd  
Belgranbra Farms
Bender Agriculture Pty Ltd
BJ & AC Coleman
Black & Company
Boxton Farming
BR & BG Zelinski
Brazil Farming Pty Ltd
Brownlie Ag
Burradoo Enterprises Pty Ltd
BW & M Uebergang
CL & SM Gall (CSG Ground Spraying)
Clapham Ag Enterprises P/L 
Clapham Farming Co P/L 
Columboola Cotton
Condamine Plains Pty Ltd 
Croft Farming
Culara Farming
D & N Johnston 
DA & JF Camm Pty Ltd
Dalmeny Farming Pty Ltd
Davweis P/L ATF Elco Family Trust
DB Wood and SM Wood
Denash Farming Trust
Dongamere Farming P/L 
DP & RA Gurner
Elsden Farms
Fernflat Farming Enterprises
Fresser Farming
Gammagaze P/L ATF Stephen Little FT
GD & JA Ogden
GD Farming Pty Ltd
Glen Royal Farms Pty Ltd ATF Krieg Farming Trust
Goangra Pastoral Co Pty Ltd 
Gosden Farming Enterprises
GP & DM Elsden 
Halrayo Pty Ltd 
Haydn Court Farming Company Pty Ltd
Hayllor & Painter Farming Co
Hayllor Family Farming Company
Hewitt Farming Company
Ian G Chandler
Ian M Speed
Janerin Pty Ltd
JE & V Hewitt Pty Ltd 
JL & VN Bender
John Darren Hensel and Elissa Jane Hensel
John Lawrence Bender and Valerie Norma Bender
JR Farming Pty Ltd and JB Ryder and JF Ryder
K & A Kummerow
K and M and T and J and C Nugent Trusts
Karingal (Qld) Pty Ltd 
Karminya Farming Company Pty Ltd
Kelly Grains Pty Ltd ATF The Kelly Grains Trust
KG and DH Berger and SG Berger
Kielli Pastoral Co
Kurrowah Estates
Lawett Pty Ltd
Lembiru Pastoral
Liberty Farms Pty Ltd 
Loch Eaton Enterprises Pty Ltd
LUU Partnership
M and J Bailey
Malison Farming Pty Ltd as trustee for RF and EJ Valler Family Trust
Mark Jonathan Hensel and Sharyn Gaye Hensel
Matthew Back Family Trust
McVeigh Ag Pty Ltd
MH & AL Todd
MJ & SG Hensel
MJ & SG McNamara
Monticott Pty Ltd
Mort & Co Lot Feeders Pty Ltd
MS & L Farming Co Pty Ltd
Mungana Farming Co Pty Ltd 
Nacha Farming Pty Ltd
Narlagoon Farming Company
Nayr Pty Ltd 
NG and KL Boshammer Family Trust
NJ & AJ Hart 
NR JE RH & PC Cuzens
Pallathorpe Enterprises Pty Ltd
PD & DJ Armitage
PE and RG Mason
Pedler Enterprises
Pengelly Farming Pty Ltd ATF R and J Pengelly Family Trust
PL Sands
Preema Partnership
Procyon Holdings Pty Ltd 
PW & CT Hanlon
R & J Clapham Pty Ltd 
Rabswan Pty Ltd
Randloch Pty Ltd 
RC & CF Krieg Pty Ltd ATF RC & CF Krieg Family Trust
Riverlea Cotton Pty Ltd
Riverside Piggeries Pty Ltd 
Riverside Trust
Rixon Farming Pty Ltd 
Roland Schmelzer
RWL & LC Dowding
Saal Enterprises (QLD) Pty Ltd
Schulz Farming Co Pty Ltd 
Scripture Union Queensland
Simmich Farming
Skerman Farming Pty Ltd
Struanville Farming Co
Sundale Enterprises Pty Ltd
Swainston Farming Co Pty Ltd
Tarcoola Farming Trust
Tejay Developments P/L 
The Gums Farming Pty Ltd
The JL Connolly Family Trust
The John Hilliar Family Trust
The Prairie Farming Partnership
Tiprose Pty Ltd
Tosari Farms
Tyalla Farming Pty Ltd 
Tyunga Farms Pty Ltd
Uralla Pastoral Company
Vallaway Trust
Vaughan Family Trust
Wamara Farming Trust
Wantata Farming Co & McNab Land Holdings
Warrawee Farming Co
Westaway Farms
Westerkirk Pty Ltd 
Windco Pty Ltd
Windsong Trading Co
Wywurry Farming Pty Ltd 
Yambeen Pty Ltd ATF Graham Butler Family Trust
Yaraandoo Farming Company
Yarran Farming Pty Ltd ATF Thomoco Trust

Dawson and Callide Valleys

Andcott Pty Ltd
Banana Farming Company Pty Ltd 
Brownlie & Sons
Cosmos Theodore Pty Ltd 
CT & CA McDonald
Durkin & Sons PL & Durkin Lands PL
Fitzgerald Farms
Geoffrey Hancock
Harcourt Cotton Pty Ltd
KB Cotton Pty Ltd
Nandina Partnership
SD & AJ Monaghan t/a S & A Farms
T & L Enterprises
Wilkie Family Holdings Pty Ltd 

Gwydir Valley

AFF Properties Pty Ltd The Rural Property Trust
Alice Downs Farms Pty Ltd
Auscott Limited
Avondale Ag
BD and SA Coleman
Bengerang Limited
Breelong Agricultural Enterprise
BS Glennie & Son
BT Boon Ag Services Pty Ltd
Bullala Partnership
Bywanna Pty Ltd atft Bywanna Farming Trust
Chenonetta Pty Ltd
Chesney Partnership
Cooma Pastoral Co
Coombah Holdings Pty Ltrd
GFA F1 Pty Limited Carnarvon
IAI Australia
Iolanthe Cotton
JB Boydell & Co
KG Thomson and EG & RG Tomlinson
Kindee Moree Pty Ltd atf Kindee Moree Unit Trust
Koramba Cotton
Lagnacourt Pastoral Co
Lamey Contracting
Lawson Grains Pty Limited
Leverton Pastoral Company Pty. Limited
LJ & LJ Lillyman
M & R Humphries
Merinda Farms
MHPF Bellevue Business Pty Ltd
Mulligan Farms
Norland Pastoral Pty Ltd
Oaklands Pastoral Company
Oodnadatta Farms
Oriental Agriculture
Prospect Downs Farming Co
PS & RM McRae
Rotopa Farming
Schneebeli Pty Ltd
Sundown Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Tauroma Farming
The Valley Pastoral Co
Vitonga Pty Limited
Wattle Farming
WE & RP Wannan
Windella Agricultural Company

Lower Namoi and Walgett

AD & KE Revell
Allabah Pastoral Co
Almanac Partnership
Arnfarm Pty Ltd
Auscott Limited
Beaconsfield Partnership
Bellevue Pastoral Company
BP & WJ White
Cotton Seed Distributors
Currow Pty Ltd
DA & OD Maxwell Pty Ltd
DT & AM Burke Farming Pty Ltd
Eason Farming
FE & RM Chisholm Partnership
GG Phelps
GK & AL O'Neill
Gleeson Bangate Pastoral Co
Glenerin Farming Pty Ltd
Gourley Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Havana Farming
Hulford Pty Ltd
J & J Farming Pty Ltd
J French
JB & MJ French
Jefbern Pty Ltd
Koyuga Farming
MA & JM Haire Pty Ltd
Massine Pty Ltd
Merced & Steer
Merced Farming Pty Ltd
Mollee Partnership
Myall Vale Past Co P/L (Warrianna)
Namoi Cotton Co-Operative Ltd
Narrabri  Educ Trust
Nowley Pastoral Co
Oakey Point Pty Ltd
PJ CS EL & JJ Boyle 
RI & BM Hannaford
Sandhurst Pastoral Co
Schwager Farms Pty Ltd
Stan Carberry & Sons
T.L Moore Trust
The T J O'Brien Investment Trust 
Warnock Agronomics Pty Ltd
WJ & JE Maxwell

MacIntyre Valley, Border Rivers and Mungindi

AB and MM Taylor Partnership
AGB Farming
Barwon Partnership
Booloorong Irrigation Farm
Carbrooke Farms
Carnarvon Farming Pty Ltd
Cleveland Agriculture
C M Hickson & Co
CN & JS McClymont Pty Ltd
Cook Unit Trust
Corish Management Pty Ltd
Coulton Farming Company
DAC Farming Pty Ltd
Doolin Agriculture Pty Ltd
Duddy Management Pty Ltd
DW and SI Kirkby
Eurone Farming Co
Fairfield Farming Company Pty Ltd
Garrawilla Farming Partnership
Garry Campbell Family Trust
GB & AM Coward
Glen and Sue Price Farming Pty Ltd
Green Drake Pty Ltd
H&H Pearlman
HJ & CR Dent
Korolea Farming Pty Ltd
Macpherson Agricultural Consultants Pty
Marcus Murphy & P Wilson
Mungle Pastoral Company
Newinga Estates
NJ & PA Boland
Norman Farming
Ok Station Pastoral Company
Ottley Cotton
P & J Bornholt
Penberthy Farming Trust
Price Grainger Unit Trust
Rabremo Pty Ltd ATF Ostwald Rural Trust
Reardon Operations Pty Ltd
Rebecca L Haddad and Steven G Haddad
RG Tomlinson and EJ Tomlinson
Ridgeview Farming Pty Ltd
Strathmore Farming Co
TA Field Estates Pty Ltd
Tama RMW Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd
The Ray Christie Family Trust
The Trustee Boobera Unit Trust
Thurlagoona Partnership
Warby Farmimg Pty Ltd
Wilson Farming Co Pty Ltd
Wyadrigah Pastoral Company
Yambocully Pty Ltd
Yarramildi Partnership
Yetman Pastoral Company

Macquarie Valley

AE Gainsford Investments Pty Ltd
AFM Developers Pty Ltd
Agriland Pty Ltd
Akoonah  Farming Enterprises
AMG Farming
AR & KJ Elder
Auscott Limited
Banridge Pty Ltd
Bealcott Partnership
Berry & Hall
Bruce Thomas Fidock
DL & A Dunbar
Dugan Partnership
Dulla Dulla Pastoral Co
DW and BE Tuck Pty Limited
GR and MA Anderson Pty. Ltd. ATF The Grant Anderson Family Trust
GS & NM Whittaker
Hatton Partnership
J Elder & K Stark Pty Ltd
JH & KM Coupland
KA & CD Mudford
Kiameron Pastoral Co
Killowen (Warren) Cotton Partnership
KP & ML Simmons
Kragteam Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
M J and M H Corderoy Family Settlement
Matthew Watt
McAlary Agriculture
McKinney Ag
Merriment Rural Investments Pty Ltd
Merriwee Pastoral Company
Mount Foster Pty Ltd
Mumble Peg
Narromine Investment P/L T/A Corambie Farming Co
Ningawalla Farming
NSW DPI Trangie Agricultural Research Centre
P & S Kennedy Pty Ltd
Richardson & Son
River Agriculture
RJ & AA Mudford
S & C Vincent Trust
SJ McCutcheon & Sons
Twentystone Cotton
Walma Agricultural Trust
Waterloo Partners


Tandou Limited

Southern Valleys and Northern Victoria

Aloisi Ag Pty Ltd
Auscott Limited
Avenco Partnership
B & R Serafin
B&G Farming Co
B.F & T.C Donnellon
B.W & J.M. Fitzpatrick
Barrymore Pty Ltd
BM Bunyan & Co
Bontoc Pty Ltd
Booth & Salvestro Family Trust
C & S Hardy
Cadabra Family Trust
Cavaso Farming
Commins Enterprises
Connemara Pastoral Co & Ronnoco 
Coonara Farming
Corynnia PL & DHA Farm
Cubatree Partners
Daisy Lodge Pty Ltd
De Bortoli Wines Pty Limited
Department of Trade & Investment
Derek M & Leanne E Schoen
Donlync Pty Ltd
Eloura Farms
F.A. & J.B. Dalbon
G & E Serafin
G.J. & M.A. Briggs
G.W & D.L. Tooth
Gemkhe Pty Ltd
Global Ag Properties Australia Pty Ltd
Graham Farming Partnership
Greenline Farming Pty Ltd
Gundaline Pty Ltd
H.T. & J.L. Gardiner
Hardy Irrigation Enterprises
Houghton Family Trust
Ilkadoon Past Co.
Irvin Farming Pty Ltd
J&ML Langley and EO Martinelli
JB & EA Dal Broi
JE Merrylees & Co
JHW Paterson & Son
Karalee Partnership
KC & B Furner
Kooba Ag
Lamezia Pty Ltd
Larry Walsh Pty Ltd
Lindsay Gordon Park
Luke Allan Hutchison
M & M Serafin
M Serafin Farms
M&D Dossetor Family Trust
M.J Ervin & W Ervin & W.J Ervin
Michael Lawrence O'Meara & Valerie Helen O'Meara
Michelle Karen  Blaxland t/as R&M Produce 
Monsanto Australia Limited
Mundoora Farming
Murrumbidgee Shire Community Farm
Murrumbidgee Valley Rice Pty Ltd
Namarang Nominees
OJ Minato Pty Ltd
Ottna Family Trust
P & D Stott
P L D & E Stott
Paraway Pastoral Co
Paul A Park & Catherine A Park
Point Farms Ag Co PL
Pound Family Trust
R & J Family Trust
R & S Black
R&M Produce
Ramps Ridge P/L
Retcorp Commodities
RFM Farming Pty Ltd
Rokeby Farming P/L ATF Rokeby Farming Trust
Romar Farming
Ron Harris t/as Ramps Ridge
Ronnoco Agricultural
Rorato Nominees
Rosella Sub TC P/L t/as Western Rosella Farming
Rumel Singh & Jessica Toor atf Toor Family Trust 
Ryanag P/L atf Ryan J Family Trust t/as Ryanag
Rycom Ag
S&K Maynard Family Trust
Schrirripa Agco
Scott Baldwin
Sergrow Pty Ltd
Silverton Park Yenda Pty Ltd
Standard Ethanol 
Sustainable Agriculture Operating Trust
T.R. & M.K. McFarlane
The Trustee for Edward Jones Family Trust
Timbarra Partnership
Trevail Park Pty Ltd
Twynam Pastoral Co Pty Ltd
Uri East Pty Ltd
Uri Park Pastoral
Vicsuper Future Farming Landscapes Trust
Warrawidgee Station
Wayola Family Trust
Western Rosella Farming
Williams Partnership
Wingbadge Pty Ltd
WM & DN Furner
Wondaree Trust
Wooloondool Farms Pty Ltd
Wumbulgal Agriculture Pty Ltd
X-Farms Pty Ltd
Y.W. & F.W. DeWhit

St George and Dirranbandi

Booligar Pty Ltd
Eastern Australia Agriculture Pty Ltd
Sunvalli Agriculture Pty Ltd
Trafalgar Farming
Balonne Plains Pty Ltd
Bimbil Pty Ltd 
Brookglen Cotton Pty Ltd
Bullamon Plains
Cabin Farming P/L 
Cooinda Cropping Pty Ltd
Eastern Australia Agriculture P/L
Gillebri Cotton Co Pty Ltd 
GK & RJ Rogan & Gowest Farming P/L
Harmco Pty Ltd
KF & RM Conlan 
Manna Farming Pty Ltd 
Milla Agrico P/L & Dapco Farming P/L
Moolabah Agriculture P/L- St George
RowAg Investments P/L 
Sagu Pty Ltd 
Saunders Farming Trust
Scott Brimblecombe Discretionary Trust
Sharmarel Farming Pty Ltd
St George Air Farmers Pty Ltd
St George Uniting Church
The Estate of Mr Raymond John Kidd
The Salker Trust
Wanolga Pty Ltd ATF Wanolga Trust
Whyenbah Development
Wyuna Partnership

Upper Namoi

Allan Bruce Herdegen and Andrea Herdegen
A.G & S Clift
AM McGregor & Son
Argyle Ag Pty Ltd
B. Rutter
Brighton Pastoral Company
C. Daley
C.L. & A.M. Lavender
Catcott Pty Limited
Cottrac Pty Ltd
C.R. & V.J. Hamblin
Dalara Pastoral Company
D. Tudgey
EF Darley & JT Darley
Garawah Farms
Gavin Farming
Glenkeith Pty Ltd
GNK Farming
Georges Island (M. Hockey)
H. Simson
Hamparsum Family Trust
Jedburgh Farming Pty Ltd
JPJ Farming Pty Ltd
K. Dugan
Kilmarnock Farming Pty Ltd
Kooiyong Partnership
M. Cudmore
Merrilong Pastoral Company
Mirrabinda Pty Ltd
MJ & JH Maunder
Morcot Farm Pty Ltd
Nandewar Pty Ltd
PA & MS McDonald
Pursehouse Farms Pty Ltd
RE & BM Baker Pty Ltd
Regeve PTY LTD
RIORDAN Partnership 
Romani Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
Snape Farming Enterprises Pty Ltd
T.L Swain & L.A Swain
Tagmor Ag
Tahlee Partnership
TJS Farming Pty Ltd
T.N. Bailey
Tudget Investments Pty Ltd
Walla Park Partnership
Warrawong Farming & Pastoral Company
Wattle Ag
Yule Park Pty Ltd