Sibling rivalry see two farms achieve myBMP status simultaneously

Brothers and sisters don’t always get along – but that’s certainly not the case with Anna Alison and James Pursehouse, who have achieved a key farming milestone – due in part to some competitive banter!

Andrew Pursehouse, James and Anna’s Dad, has been running Breeza Station for around 40 years after gaining a passion for agricultural production while helping his Dad in their rural supplies business. Andrew quickly developed a reputation as an excellent cotton grower and was awarded the Cotton Grower of the Year title in 2009.

It was one of many accolades and awards, yet the Breeza Station had not been accredited as myBMP growers - until now.

Over the last couple of years, Andrew’s son James has assumed responsibility for much of the day-to-day farming activity on Breeza Station. Cotton Australia Regional Manager Alec Macintosh suggested he should be myBMP accredited and James was keen, and he also identified an opportunity.

James's sister Anna, a registered nurse, recently married coast-based builder Jack Alison but both wanted to return to a farming life, so they bought a farm right next door to James and Andrew. Jack admits he knows much more about building than farming, so when James suggested he and Anna give myBMP a go – Jack was concerned.

“I have been busy between running my building business and working on the farm on weekends, so I didn’t think it was possible, but James was there every step of the way.

“He just wants everything on the farm to be right, so he was determined to do myBMP, and whenever I had an issue or a question, James was always willing to help – he’s great and I owe the myBMP accreditation to him.”

Anna said it’s been a blessing for her and Jack to have James and Andrew right next door. “We have started out from scratch, and we use Dad’s machinery and expertise to help us through. Having Alec there to guide us through has also helped. We are so happy to be in the position we are in and looking forward to years of productive farm life ahead of us.”

myBMP is the Cotton Industry’s Best Practice program, which provides self-assessment mechanisms, practical tools, and auditing processes to ensure that Australian cotton is produced in alignment with the best farming practices in Australia and the world.

Accreditation provides growers with numerous benefits, including Better Cotton premiums, insurance discounts, and all efficiencies achieved with business improvements. Cotton Australia is on track to have 535 myBMP certified farms this year.

Siblings Anna Alison and James Pursehouse
Siblings Anna Alison and James Pursehouse