QFF Launches Energy Initiatives for Queensland Farmers

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) has announced new energy initiatives to support Queensland farmers with reliable information on energy matters relevant to their farms and the state's renewable energy transformation.

Energy Information Service for Landholders

This free phone service provides comprehensive information on energy issues, including government and industry support, energy engagement opportunities, tariff options, on-farm energy-saving initiatives, emerging technology solutions, funding opportunities, and energy infrastructure coexistence.

With numerous changes in the tariff space, there can be real financial gains in regularly reviewing whether you are on the most appropriate tariff, and this service can assist with that.

This initiative is funded by the Queensland Government under the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan. Visit Energy Information Service for Landholders

Queensland Ag Energy Hub

An online resource hub designed to help farmers navigate their energy needs. The hub offers energy-saving tips, case studies, resources, and toolkits, searchable by industry or location. Visit: Ag Energy Hub

Energy Education and Engagement Advisor

In partnership with Powerlink Queensland, QFF has introduced the Energy Education and Engagement Advisor. The advisor, based within QFF, will foster engagement between the agricultural industry and renewable energy policy, community consultations, projects, and initiatives.

This role ensures efficient two-way communication, help in planning, responding to priorities, and developing opportunities for agriculture within the renewable energy transition.

For more information, contact (07) 3837 4720 or [email protected].

QBEST Ag On-Farm Energy Audits

Limited free energy audits are available for farms consuming over 80,000 kWh annually. These audits provide practical advice on reducing energy costs and accessing grant funding.

Apply now: QBEST Ag Energy Audits or contact (07) 3837 4720 or [email protected].