Join us in showcasing cotton at Brisbane EKKA

It's almost EKKA time again, and Cotton Australia is calling on growers to help us showcase the cotton industry at the event. Expected to draw a crowd of up to 400,000, the annual show is an incredible platform for public education.

Last year’s Ekka was a great success. Jamie Grant brought his John Deere tractor, nine bales of cotton, and a module for the display, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the cotton farming experience. Additionally, CRDC Chris Lehman Young Achiever Emma Bond was at the stand, creating live fashion illustrations that engaged and delighted attendees.

Growers Dave Walton, Ian and Dan Haylor, Jeff Bidstrup, and Nigel Burnett also contributed to the stand, sharing the positive story of the Australian cotton industry with visitors of all ages.

This year, the Ekka will run for nine days, from the 10th to the 18th of August, 2024, right after the Australian Cotton Conference. If you would like to help for a few hours, a day, or the whole week, please reach out to Cotton Australia’s Education Manager at [email protected].

Grower Dave Walters at last years' EKKA