It’s all YES for Cotton Australia at the Youth Eco-Summit

Cotton Australia partnered with PIEFA to deliver hands-on workshops to Year 5 & 6 students as part of the Youth Eco-Summit at Sydney’s Olympic Park.

CA Education Manager Jenny Hughes drove our participation over two days which focussed on sustainable agriculture and water.

In the workshops, students learned what sustainable agriculture is and why this is important for everyone. Students were shown how little land there is to feed and clothe the ever-growing population through the Earth, and then investigated how much water each person on-average consumes in Sydney.

Assisted by Jenny, the students viewed a 2-minute animated video on water use in the cotton industry and then briefly unpacked the facts seen, followed by a water sharing game to see how and where water is shared to support environment, households, industry and agriculture.

The water sharing game at the Youth Eco-Summit
The water sharing game at the Youth Eco-Summit