Cotton to Market: Breaking Records in 2023

In 2023, the Cotton to Market team at Cotton Australia achieved incredible success in boosting demand and support for Aussie-grown, quality, and sustainable cotton. The results are as transparent as they are impressive.

In a sustained effort, the team worked closely with brands and retailers to source Australian cotton through their supply chain, which led to an increase in Australian cotton products in the market. Brands and retailers were also applying the Australian Cotton Mark to these products, increasing the number of products carrying the Mark by 91% from the previous year. This almost doubled the number of items proudly promoting Australian cotton on the tag, providing an additional point of appeal for discerning consumers.

Other achievements in 2023 include:

  • A 79% increase in applications to license products with the Australian cotton mark.
  • A 48% increase in licensed brand partners.
  • A 91% increase in licensed products bearing the Australian cotton mark, adorning almost 29 million items.

Over the past decade, the Cotton to Market program has demonstrated substantial growth and forged authentic collaborations with brands, retailers, and supply chain partners. The team's success is anchored in strong brand relationships and the inherent quality and versatility of Australian Cotton itself.

The range of products featuring the Australian cotton mark has diversified beyond essentials like socks and jocks. It now includes towels, sheets, jeans, and apparel from major Australian retailers such as Big W, Sussan, and Target, as well as international brands like Rodd & Gunn and Aldi.

As the Cotton to Market team celebrates the triumphs of 2023, the team extends gratitude to all contributors, from growers to retailers, for their unwavering dedication to promoting Australian cotton.

Rodd & Gunn are just one of the many brands using Australian Cotton
Rodd & Gunn are just one of the many brands using Australian Cotton
Sussan are long standing Australian Cotton brand partners
Sussan are long standing Australian Cotton brand partners.