Cotton Community Support Program launches with the Darling Downs Cotton Growers Association.

Plant and Pick Spares in partnership with Cotton Growers Services have launched their Cotton Community Support Program with local Cotton Grower Associations throughout Australia.

The program is aimed at fostering support in local communities using proceeds generated through the sale of PPS cotton module wraps. PPS is a Darling Downs based business that has developed an after-market wrap suited to Australian conditions and CGS is the distributor.

The two organisations wanted to ensure that a portion of the sales is directed to the local Cotton Grower Associations of each valley to support their local community as they see fit.

A total of $37,697 dollars has been distributed across Australia.

The Darling Downs CGA was the first recipient receiving their cheque of $8463 last Thursday at their AGM.

Matt McVeigh form PPS said, β€œIt has been a long journey developing a quality product and we are overwhelmed by the support from local cotton growers.”

β€œIn partnership with CGS we want to help our local communities while raising positive awareness of the cotton industry and the role we play in regional communities.”


Matt McVeigh PPS 0427 577 879

Will Lange CGS 0427 581 977

Plant and Pick Spares Cotton Community Support Program
Plant and Pick Spares Cotton Community Support Program