Call for NFF committee nominations

Cotton Australia, an active member of the National Farmers Federation (NFF), significantly influences national policy. The NFF depends on input from seven specialist committees, which Cotton Australia contributes to by nominating grower representatives and staff members. We're currently reviewing our nominations and have grower vacancies on three committees:

  • Economic Policy and Farm Business Committee
  • Farming Systems Committee
  • Telecommunications and Social Policy Committee

Grower representatives are essential for providing practical insights into the real-world impacts, both positive and negative, of policy positions. Below is a brief overview of the key areas of interest for the three committees.

Economic Policy & Farm Business Committee

This committee focuses on policies that significantly affect farmers' bottom lines, including tax, access to capital, transport and infrastructure, competition policy, and drought. Key policy positions include:

  • Drought: Advocating for the implementation of the NFF National Drought Policy, which aims for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to drought preparedness and support.
  • Consistent National Transport Regulations: Striving for harmonised, simplified, and practical heavy vehicle regulations, along with fair and adequate funding for rural and regional roads.
  • On-Farm Financial Risk Management: Leading investigative work into tools and behaviours that enable farmers to better manage financial risks.
  • Competition Policy: Ensuring fairness and healthy competition in agricultural markets and supply chains.
  • Investment in Agriculture: Promoting increased investment in Australian agriculture through innovative business models and new sources of finance to maintain global competitiveness.

Farming Systems Committee

This committee addresses issues directly related to farm management, including biosecurity, animal welfare, Agvet chemical regulation, research and development, and social license. Key policy positions include:

  • Animal welfare
  • Biosecurity
  • Agvet chemical regulation and use
  • Biotechnology
  • R&D and innovation
  • Social licence

Telecommunications & Social Policy Committee

This committee advocates for regulation and investment to ensure equitable access to modern digital communications and support for healthy farm communities. Key policy positions include:

  • Telecommunications access
  • Digital literacy
  • Farm data management
  • Health – including mental health
  • Regional education

Most committee meetings are held online, with occasional face-to-face gatherings. As a participant, you will have the support of a Cotton Australia staff member. This is an opportunity to influence policies on issues that matter to you and Australian farmers while gaining valuable insight into the role and importance of the NFF.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Cotton Australia General Manager Michael Murray: [email protected] or 0427 707 868