CottonInfo is the Australian cotton industry’s joint extension program. CottonInfo is designed to connect growers with research, bringing you – our cotton growers, consultants, and agronomists – the latest news, information, events and research, and helping you achieve best practice.

CottonInfo is designed to give you the information you need, when you need it, to help you make the best management decisions for your farm.

The CottonInfo team consists of regional development officers (our on the ground support team, based in the cotton growing valleys), technical specialists (specialists in a specific research areas and the point of contact to the wider cotton research community) and myBMP experts (team members who can help you sign up for, and participate in, the cotton industry’s best management practice program). 

CottonInfo specialises in a number of areas: nutrition, soil health, water management, pesticide use efficiency, energy use, carbon and climate, biosecurity, disease and insect management, natural resource management, stewardship and weed control.

At a broad level, CottonInfo aim to achieve three things: improving industry practice, improving research and development communication, and improving industry responsiveness.

CottonInfo was formed in 2012 by the three joint venture parties – Cotton Australia, the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd – with the historic agreement signed at the Australian Cotton Conference.