Our Roles

Cotton Australia helps the Australian cotton industry to be world competitive, sustainable and valued by the community. It drives the industry’s strategic direction, retains a strong focus on R&D, promotes the strengths of the industry, reports its environmental credentials and implements policy objectives.

Policy and Advocacy

Cotton Australia’s advocacy work starts in the field, listening to grower concerns. These messages are developed into formal industry positions and then taken to policy makers and regulators at all levels of government, state and Federal.

Servicing Growers

A team of full and part time staff located throughout cotton producing regions support growers at the local level on a range of issues and activities, act as a referral service and assist them to excel at cotton production.

Best Management Practices (myBMP)

The myBMP program is led by Cotton Australia, and is a practical on-farm management tool that allows growers to be efficient and sustainable.  A cross-industry BMP Office is located in Toowoomba to support growers in its development and implementation on farm.

Grower Feedback to Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC)

Cotton Australia provides ongoing advice to the CRDC on research projects funded by the Cotton R&D levy and matched by the Australian Government.  This is formally provided on all current and new research proposals, through Cotton Australia’s five advisory panels; Farmers, Industry, Customers, People and Performance.

Promotion and Education

Cotton Australia promotes positive messages about Australia’s cotton industry in a range of forms and through organised programs of activity.  It’s also responsible for keeping growers abreast of industry issues.


Cotton Australia is the industry participant in the national biosecurity framework.  This includes representation and involvement in national debate, policy development and implementation, prioritisation of resources and decision making.