Australia’s myBMP farms produce the world’s best cotton using responsible and efficient management practices. The program includes online self-assessment mechanisms and practical tools and auditing processes to ensure that Australian cotton is produced according to best practice.

About myBMP

myBMP is:

  • The Australian cotton industry’s voluntary farm and environmental management system for growers
  • Designed for all cotton growers, big and small
  • An online self-assessment program which identifies best management practices and standards for Australian cotton production
  • A system that allows growers to compare practices and measure improvement, confidentially
  • Aligned with internationally recognised quality assurance programs and marketing initiatives for sustainable cotton production
  • A way to access the latest research and farm management information

Top 5 grower benefits of myBMP

Growers participating in myBMP benefit in a number of ways, including:

  1. Access to premium global markets, including the Better Cotton Initiative
  2. More efficient and more profitable cotton businesses
  3. Safer farm operations and safer workers
  4. Responsible land management 
  5. Cutting-edge management practices

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Access to premium markets: BCI

The world’s leading brands and retailers are increasingly demanding raw materials produced using more sustainable methods. Some of the world’s largest brands have committed to significant targets for Better Cotton use in their products over the next five years.

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) – a global sustainability program focused at farm level improvements – directly aligns with myBMP’s certification standards, and provides an avenue for Australian cotton growers to access global premium markets.

Cotton from a myBMP-certified farm can be sold through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). In the 2014/15 season, some Australian cotton growers were able to negotiate a $3 – $8 per bale premium for their cotton sold as BCI cotton, representing a significant opportunity to leverage the sustainability investments made on farm.

Australian cotton growers must do three things to qualify as a BCI grower:

  1. Achieve myBMP certification
  2. Pay your full Cotton Australia levy
  3. Register with BCI

Get involved

Registering for myBMP is simple. Growers can register at

The myBMP office also provides support to Australian cotton growers interested in participating in the program, and supports growers through the self-assessment and audit processes.

For more information and support, contact the myBMP office: