Picking underway in Queensland’s Central Highlands

Friday, 18th January 2019 // Breaking News, Featured // Comments (0)

Picking of the 2018/19 cotton crop in Queensland’s Central Highlands got underway this week.

Approximately 13,000 hectares of cotton has been planted in the Central Highlands.

It is forecast almost 16,000 hectares of cotton will be grown in the region this season.

Approximately 13,000 hectares of cotton in the Central Highlands will be irrigated, and approximately 3,000 hectares will by dryland cotton. This season's planting is well down on last season's due to reduced water availability.

The first of the Central Highlands’ crop was planted in August, which was followed by some late plantings.

Cotton Australia’s Central Highlands Regional Manager, Renee Anderson, said growers were excited to see the pickers back in action.

“Picking conditions have been great,” Ms Anderson said.

“We had an initial, small delay of four days after some light rainfalls on a few farms; but the crop is picking very cleanly and the quality is looking excellent.”

“So far, growers seem happy with the crops.”

Picking is expected to continue over the coming months.