Meet A Grower – Trini Coupland, Condobolin, NSW

Wednesday, 17th April 2019 // Breaking News, Featured // Comments (0)

Learn about the Australian cotton industry from the growers who produce the crop.

Trini Coupland says the cotton industry has strengthened the Condobolin community.

“I’m a farmer, and we choose to grow cotton.

“My husband’s an agronomist, and we decided to grow it because we love it, and it gives us the best return per megalitre of water. We’ve got a bank to keep happy and we want to be able to pay our bills and not rely on taxpayers for help during dry times.

“The biggest misconception that I notice in the cotton industry is people think that we can just take as much water as we like out of the river. That’s not the case. We’re given an allocation based on our water licence, and we can only use that amount of water in any given year, so we can really choose what we want to grow. We’ve grown other irrigated crops like corn and irrigated wheat as a rotation.

“The cotton industry has been great for our local area. I think Condobolin has really picked up since cotton has been grown in the area.

“We had drought for 10 years between 2000 and 2010, where there was no cotton grown and a lot of businesses shut up shop and it was really depressing to see.

“If cotton was banned in Australia, we’d just grow another crop with our allocation, the water that we’re allocated against our licence.

“The only trouble with that is the profits would be reduced greatly and there’d be less money being spent in town. So, it wouldn’t make any difference – we’d still be using the same water, but for other crops.”