Meet A Grower – Alexandria Galea, Emerald, QLD

Monday, 15th April 2019 // Breaking News, Featured // Comments (0)

Learn about the Australian cotton industry from the growers who produce the crop.

Alexandria Galea's family moved to the Central Highlands to grow cotton.

“I work as an agronomist in the cotton industry in the Central Highlands, and my family grow cotton here as well.

“My family came to the Central Highlands purely to grow cotton. They originally started out in the sugar cane and broad-acre dryland. They very quickly realised you need water, water is the key to life, and this is a great area to be growing cotton with the water facilities that we have.

“From an agronomist’s perspective, cotton is a really good crop to grow. It gives you lots of opportunities for planting times, considering in this area we can grow cotton from August 1st to December 31st, which means you have a big window to take advantage of any rainfalls or any in-flows.

“Cotton is also a great rotation in your planning of which choices of crops you’re going to do.

“I think the cotton industry is incredibly important for our local community. Firstly, it’s important for our local farming families because that’s what keeps them going, that’s what puts food on their tables; but, it also supports the businesses here locally in town – that’s anything from your mechanics, diesel fitters, also, your general community – the show societies, your sporting clubs.

“The local cotton industry is incredibly proud to be giving back to our community, as we recognise that they’re there for us, and we would like to return that and be there for them in the good times, and also in the bad.

“As a young person, I think it would be incredibly confronting if the cotton industry was banned.

“I’m incredibly excited to be coming into this industry, and I see this as my future. I think this is a great pathway for a lot of careers.

“I think it would be incredibly scary and an absolute shame to be attacking this industry, let alone to be pulling it down, or taking it away.”