Last chance to have your say on the future of the Murray Darling Basin

Friday, 9th February 2018 // Breaking News, Featured // Comments (0)

The fate of the Murray Darling Basin, its people and communities, will be decided in a matter of days.

Parliament must vote on a Disallowance Motion moved by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. If successful, the Motion would overturn the current Basin Plan amendments which have reduced the overall Northern Basin Recovery target by 70Gl.

On Tuesday (6/2/18), the Labor Party announced its intention to support the Disallowance Motion but, as last-minute negotiations progressed, the vote has been delayed and now will take place between Monday and Wednesday next week (12/2/18 - 14/2/18).

It is apparent that the cross-bench Senators will play a crucial role in determining which way the vote will go, and therefore Cotton Australia is once again calling for your help in communicating directly with the decision-makers in Canberra.

More than ever before, it is vital that politicians in Canberra hear your voice.

Take this opportunity to tell them your personal story:

  • How the Murray Darling Basin Plan has already affected your family and your community
  • Your concerns about what increased water recovery targets and water buybacks will mean for you and your town
  • Express your opposition to a Motion that will cost jobs in Northern Basin communities and actually reduce environmental outcomes
  • Ask our Federal politicians to support Murray Darling Basin communities by opposing the Disallowance Motion

Having your say is as easy as contacting one or all of the five politicians who will decide the fate of the Basin next week. Cotton Australia urges everyone with an interest in protecting Murray Darling Basin communities to take the time to email or phone them now, before it's too late.

Do your part. Make your voice heard today.

Contact one or all of these Federal politicians to express your views and urge them to stop the Disallowance Motion: