Forklift safety blitz in NSW – get your licence through AgSkilled

Tuesday, 6th March 2018 // Cotton Matters // Comments (0)

Did you know that you need a High Risk Work Licence to operate a forklift on your farm? SafeWork NSW Inspectors will be undertaking a forklift safety blitz 5-9 March to secure compliance, raise awareness and help control the risks associated with forklifts and may issue on-the-spot-fines.

Check you have your forking safety sorted, here. (For Queensland, click here).


Checking licenses

Businesses must ensure forklift drivers hold a current and valid licence. High risk work licences are valid for five years and recognised nationally.  A new register of high risk work training card holders is now available online to make it easier for businesses to check the validity of a worker’s licence or training card via a single portal. To check a high risk work licence, click here.  (For Queensland, click here).

You are eligible to obtain a licence if you:

  • are at least 18 years of age, AND
  • complete a recognised training course with a registered training organisation (RTO) and have been assessed as competent

Getting a forklift licence

AgSkilled can provide funded forklift training to NSW grains or cotton growers. To organise an AgSkilled funded course in your region, please contact AgSkilled Project Officer Claudia Vicary

(For Queensland info, click here).