Easter harvest machinery movement – what you need to know

Tuesday, 20th March 2018 // Cotton Matters, Featured // Comments (0)

Following extensive efforts in recent years to harmonise heavy agriculture machinery movement between state and federal jurisdictions, Cotton Australia can report that there have been very few changes to regulatory requirements concerning movement this season. Cotton Australia has information on the rights and responsibilities of growers and transport contractors moving heavy machinery on Queensland and NSW roads at this busy time of year.

With regards to Easter movements, the rules are the same as last year (2017).

In NSW the movement of cotton picking equipment over Easter will be allowed under either the conditions of a Class One Agricultural Vehicle Permit (for “walking” machinery), or the NEW SOUTH WALES CLASS 1 AGRICULTURAL COTTON VEHICLE EXEMPTION FOR PERMITTED HEAVY VEHICLES (NOTICE) 2016 (No. 1) (for “floating” machinery).

While operators  need to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the above, in general cotton harvesting machinery can be “walked” over the Easter period, and where “floating” would normally be restricted, it is allowed on prescribed routes during daylight hours on Easter Sunday and Monday as outlined in the Notice.

In Queensland, Easter movement of cotton machinery is governed by  the Queensland Class1 Cotton Harvest Derestriction Notice 2017 (No. 1). It divides the cotton growing regions into two zones, with travel either allowed over the entire Easter period, or on Easter Saturday or Sunday.

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