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The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has announced the outcomes of its review of diuron, a herbicide used for the control of agricultural weeds and weeds and algae in and around water bodies.


The announcement, affirms the registration of most diuron products, but with significant changes to their conditions of use.

To ensure an orderly phasing in of the new arrangements, the APVMA has issued a permit for 12 months, to cover existing stock in the supply chain.

The APVMA has authorized the use of registered agricultural chemical products containing diuron in cotton from 28 November 2012 to 28 November 2013, under special and specific permit conditions only.

Persons who wish to use products approved by the APVMA containing diuron, which must bear a varied or cancelled label, must read, or have read to them, the specific instructions outlined by the APVMA, and must confirm that they understand the instructions.

The APVMA has published numerous prohibitions restrictions, restraints and instructions for the use of the approved diuron products (see references in link below) including that they must not be used in non-crop areas or in irrigation channels or drainage ditches unless all irrigation tailwater and rainfall can be captured and held on farm.

The APVMA also demands that users should not apply more than 1.8 kilograms of diuron active per hectare in any 12 month period; and that it not be applied by air or be used in water-logged areas.

Other conditions of use relevant to cotton growers include that it should not be applied if greater than 50 mm rain fall is expected within three days of application or the crop irrigated within three days of application, or applied to fields where the slope exceeds 3%.

Treated areas must not be replanted within two years of application of diuron except when otherwise stated on the label, or applied when there is non-target terrestrial vegetation within 130m downwind from the application area.

The permit product must be applied as a coarse spray only, and growers may spot spray no more than 5% of total farm area.

See the following link for details: http://permits.apvma.gov.au/PER13874.PDF