Crunch time for Murray Darling Basin communities - have your say

Thursday, 1st February 2018 // Breaking News, Featured // Comments (0)

The fate of rural communities across northern NSW and southern Queensland will be decided next week when Federal Parliament resumes and must decide on the next stage of the Murray Darling Basin.

Parliament must vote on a Disallowance Motion moved by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. If successful, the Motion would wind back the achievements of the Murray Darling Basin Plan to date, and threaten the viability of communities and the livelihoods of farmers across the Northern Basin.
The Disallowance Motion means the Northern Basin water recovery target would be increased by 70 gigalitres (Gl).
Now is the time to have your say in opposition to a Motion that will prompt additional economic losses in communities that are already struggling.
Cotton Australia urges growers, community members and industry participants to voice your opposition to a move that will cost jobs in Northern Basin communities.
The best way to convince Canberra to do the right thing by Northern Basin communities is to write an email to Senators and Labor Party leaders, and ask them to vote against the Disallowance Motion.
Key points to raise in your email might include:

  • If the Disallowance Motion proceeds, predicted job losses across Northern Basin communities will increase from 530 to 710. This figure comes from the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s own modelling
  • Increasing water recovery will actually result in one less environmental target being met
  • Increasing recovery targets will provide a disincentive for the Commonwealth, NSW and Queensland Governments to invest in the ‘toolkit’ of complementary measures which would leverage environmental gains out of the environmental water already acquired by the Commonwealth
  • Northern Basin communities have already been hit hard by dry conditions in the past six months – they simply can’t afford another economic shock delivered by increased recovery targets and water buybacks
  • Job losses have already impacted Northern Basin communities which can ill afford to suffer more (see table below to see how many more jobs would be lost in Basin communities if the Disallowance Motion proceeds)
  • Enough is enough – water buybacks have already crippled rural communities in the Northern Basin. It is time for Canberra to take action

Below are email addresses for key Labor Party leaders and Senators – Cotton Australia asks you to have your voice heard by emailing your most relevant contact and asking them to oppose The Greens’ Disallowance Motion.

Key email contacts

Labor Party leaders:

Title Contact name Contact email address
Opposition Leader Hon. Bill Shorten
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Senator The Hon. Penny Wong
Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Senator the Hon. Don Farrell
Opposition Spokesperson on Water Hon. Tony Burke
Opposition Spokesperson on Agriculture Hon. Joel Fitzgibbon



State Senator Email address Party
NSW Senator Brian Burston PHON
NSW Senator Doug Cameron ALP
NSW Senator Jenny Mcallister ALP
NSW Senator Deborah O'Neill ALP
NSW Senator David Leyonhjelm LIB DEM
QLD Senator Anthony Chisholm ALP
QLD Senator Paulin Hanson PHON
QLD Senator Claire Moore ALP
QLD Senator Murray Watts ALP
QLD Senator Chris Ketter ALP
QLD Senator Fraser Anning IND
QLD Senator Andrew Bartlett GREENS


Basin Plan job losses, by community: