Crucial research & policy priorities discussed at General Meeting

Tuesday, 28th November 2017 // Cotton Matters // Comments (0)

At Cotton Australia’s General Meeting, held in Sydney last week, member representatives gave important feedback to the organisation and CRDC on grower preferences for research priorities.

Member representatives considered 72 project proposals across the key areas of focus within the research priority process: customers, industry, farmers and people. The advice from the project will now feed through to the Cotton Research and Development Corporation for investment.

Cotton Australia also updated member representatives on key policy issues the organisation has been working on. Key highlights include:

  • Water: Cotton Australia detailed its advocacy work behind the scenes following allegations of improper water use, liaising with key stakeholders including legislators and regulators
  • Workforce: key initiatives including the Cotton Gap and AgSkilled projects
  • Cotton To Market: securing markets for Australian cotton and promoting our natural fibre to important brands, retailers and manufacturers
  • myBMP and BCI: tracking the rising engagement in these crucial programs
  • Transport: our work on harmonising machinery travel rules and enabling growers and contractors to move cotton more efficiently
  • Stewardship: Cotton Australia’s work on resistance management plans, including an industry delegation to the US to learn about resistance and spray drift issues there
  • Telecommunications: our work with industry group ACCAN

Cotton Australia suggests growers wanting more information should contact their local member representative, their CGA attendees or their Cotton Australia Regional Manager.