Cotton Transport Update

Thursday, 20th December 2012 // Breaking News, Cotton Matters // Comments (0)

Cotton Australia continues to work closely with both the NSW and Queensland Governments to address a range of cotton transport issues.


With the 2012/13 harvest approaching Namoi Regional Manager Geoff Hunter reports that in NSW Cotton Australia has been assured that there will be seasonal permits available to “float” round bale pickers and at present individual trip based permits are needed to “walk “ the machines.

“For “floating” the conditions will be the same as those for last season’s single journey permit, and the “walking” permits will not allow the crossing of timber bridges,” Mr Hunter said.

“Local council approval is also part of the permit conditions,” he said.

With regards to transporting round modules Mr Hunter said that any extensions to trailers must be approved by a certified engineer, and they must meet all of the RMS dimension requirements.

“The critical measurements are 12.3m from Kingpin to the further most part of the load and 1.9m from the Kingpin to the front of the load, in an arc from the kingpin as the centre,” he said.

There must also be no more than 3.7m or 60% of the wheelbase from the centre of the last axle group to the furthest most part of the load.

Generally, these rules apply in their entirety. They cannot be taken in isolation. Geoff Hunter has further details, advice and a Facts Sheet with diagrams at:

Queensland Policy Manager Michael Murray said Cotton Australia was still in discussion with the QLD Department, but was confident that the Government would give approval to what has become known as the “Jamie Grant” restraint system, which relies on a single 100mm strap along the length of the load, with a single 50mm strap across the load to provide tension,” Mr Murray said.

“Queensland is looking at it as a total load restraint system, and it is hoped the approval will include an allowance for trailer extension,” he said.

With regards to “walking” pickers, Mr Murray said while last year Queensland was prepared to issue permits, there value was extremely limited as the permits did not allow the crossing of any bridge or culvert.

It is hoped this season this requirement will be relaxed, and replaced with a map system that identifies individual bridges and culverts that cannot be crosses because of weight limits.Cotton Australia will be again meeting with the Queensland Department mid-January.

Information pertaining to NSW based rules and regulations can be accessed here:

Rules and regulations for Queensland can be found here:

Further information is on the Cotton Australia website: