Cotton Australia submission supports more competitive agricultural sector

Friday, 19th December 2014 // Cotton Matters, Featured // Comments (0)

In a submission to the Federal Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper, Cotton Australia was supportive of the key objective of the previous White Paper – to achieve a better return at the farm gate and promote a sustainable and competitive Australian agricultural sector.

The Green Paper outlines policy ideas that will assist cotton producers to remain financially viable and competitive in international markets. Cotton Australia canvassed growers through a recent survey and discussions at the November 2014 General Meeting in Brisbane to ensure our response directly targeted cotton grower policy priorities.
The process confirmed that the following policy areas are most critical to the competitiveness of the cotton industry:

  • improving water infrastructure and markets
  • protecting the resource base
  • strengthening farm businesses (including drought preparedness)
  • strengthening the RD&E system
  • strengthening Australia’s overseas market efforts
  • strengthening agricultural education

Cotton Australia has provided a number of recommendations and responses to the policy ideas presented against these categories. We will continue our work to ensure these policy areas receive adequate attention.
In addition to our submission, Cotton Australia supports the submissions made by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC), the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF), NSW Irrigators’ Council, the National Irrigators’ Council and the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF).

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