Cotton Australia assisting storm-hit Downs growers

Friday, 29th December 2017 // Breaking News, Featured // Comments (0)

Cotton Australia is working with other agriculture representative groups and the Queensland Government to assist growers affected by a storm which tore through the Darling Downs on Boxing Day.

The storm was a cruel blow for growers on the Downs, some of whom were hit by similar storms at the same time a year ago. At least 20 growers have been affected, and some are still without power.

Cotton Australia's Darling Downs Regional Manager, Mary O'Brien, joined Member for Condamine Pat Weir MP, and representatives from Toowoomba Regional Council, AgForce and the Darling Downs Cotton Growers Association, on a tour of some affected properties. While damage reports are still coming in, initial estimates suggest at least 2500ha of cotton has been completely destroyed. Mary O'Brien is working with utilities companies and insurance assessors to help growers recover.

Cotton Australia asks affected growers who have not already reported damage to contact Mary O’Brien (contact details below) - reporting helps helps Cotton Australia assess the damage and can can assist in applying much-needed resources and government funding, if required.

Cotton Australia has the following advice for growers affected by the storm:

  • While the storm is unlikely to trigger government natural disaster relief arrangements, affected growers can still apply for assistance through the ‘Individual Disaster Stricken Property Scheme'
  • If you are concerned about your cotton contracts, talk to your broker ASAP
  • Growers have a few weeks to exercise their 'late crop removal option' under Monsanto licensing, and to change from this option to 'end-point royalty', and vice-versa. Contact your Monsanto representative for more information

For more information, and for Cotton Australia assistance, contact:


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