Cotton Australia assisting storm-hit Darling Downs growers

Thursday, 31st December 2015 // Cotton Matters, Featured // Comments (0)

Cotton Australia is assisting Darling Downs growers impacted by a 'superstorm' that swept across Cecil Plains and Bowenville on December 23.

The storm caused up to $50 million in damage, with around 50 cotton growers affected and cotton crop losses estimated at around 5000ha.
Cotton Australia's General Manager, Michael Murray, and Darling Downs Regional Manager, Mary O'Brien, joined representatives from QFF, AgForce, Qld DAFF and local council at a meeting and on a tour of farms to review damage.
Cotton Australia is working to assist growers affected by the storms, and has the following advice:

  • The storm is unlikely to trigger government natural disaster relief arrangements, but affected growers can still apply for assistanace through the 'Individual Disaster Stricken Property Scheme' - click here for more information. Potential support includes access to low-interest loans of up to $250,000 and freight subsidies of up to $5000
  • If you are concerned about your cotton contracts, talk to your broker
  • Growers have until April 20 to exercise their 'late crop removal option' under Monsanto licensing, and until February 19 to change from this option to 'end-point royalty', and vice-versa. Contact your Monsanto representative for more information
  • Toowoomba Regional Council is ready to assist with access to waste disposal facilities

In order to assist in responding to the superstorm, and to seek additional government support, Cotton Australia asks growers to report all crop and infrastructure damage to Regional Manager Mary O'Brien (contact details below).
Cotton Australia thanks Ergon Energy and insurance assessors for their swift reaction to the storm, restoring power to growers and processing claims quickly to allow follow-up planting.
For more information, and for Cotton Australia assistance, contact:

(Image: damage on Nathan Bradley's farm, 'Bandawing', at Bowenville)