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Farm Manager Moore Agriculture

Walma 1 Walgett

Position: Permanent (10 years) Date Required: 01/02/2022 (flexible) Salary: $negiotable Onsite accommodation provided

Air conditioned 3 bedroom home on the banks of the Namoi River WiF electricity included inc.

Job details

Offer of Employment from TOWRI RANGE Pty. Ltd 4

Job Offer: Prospective Employee

Job Description: Farm Manager

Job Type: Permanent working Manager

Location: On “Walma” and “Baroneal” Cotton irrigation properties at 36391 Kamilaroi Highway Walgett NSW

Supervisor/Reporting To: The owners

Position Summary:

Experience in farming operations and tractor driving is required. A working knowledge of modern minimum-till farming techniques, GPS systems and machinery is essential. Where there is limited previous experience, the ability to quickly learn to operate the systems and machinery in a confident and safe manner is mandatory.

As part of the team, you will be responsible for syphon irrigating of cotton from October-March, various levels of tractor driving, general maintenance of machinery and general maintenance of the farms.

The cotton enterprise on Walma and Baroneal is 668 ha of developed irrigation for cotton with approximately 300 ha cotton 300 ha of rotation crops each

Main Duties / Responsibilities:


  • Operate machinery related to the broadacre cropping of wheat, chickpeas, fababean, as non- irrigated rotation crops and irrigated cotton. Duties such as ploughing, cultivating, planting, harvesting, picking, chaser bin driving, seed treating and grading, auguring into and out-loading of silos, unloading mother bins and module building.
  • Servicing farm machinery at required intervals as recommended by manufacturers.
  • Loading and moving chemical trailer when required by spray contractors.
  • Assist in maintaining all implements involved in the farming operation in a working order so as they are ready to be used in the growing season prior the various operations listed above.
  • .

Irrigation work:

  • Excavator, grader and boll and picker driving when required.
  • Growing of irrigated cotton on the adjoining properties “Baroneal” and “Walma”.
  • Keeping sheds clean and tidy.
  • Travelling to Wee Waa, Narrabri or Walgett to pick up parts and various supplies.


  • Attention to detail is required in all areas of the operation.
  • Ability to work as part of a team, or independently and unsupervised when required.
  • Carry out work procedures in a safe manner.:
  • Air-conditioned accommodation WiFi 3 bedroom home with enclosed veranda and terrace, on the Namoi River 14 Km east of Walgett


  • This is a salaried position and as such the wage per annum will be negotiated on experience, and skill. Starting at $85,000 p/a