Lest We Forget

Thursday, 25th April 2013 // Other Things Around the Farm , About Bess & Andrew

To me ANZAC day is about taking a moment to be grateful for all the things we take for granted in our normal daily drill. To stop and consider the incredible sacrifice it took for us to be from 'the lucky country'.

In honour of those who have fallen in battle. Those who returned but were never the same. Those who are serving today and all the families who sacrafice so much, so the we might live in freedom and propagate freedom in countries that seek it.Your gift to our nation is the greatest thing any of us has ever been given. Your selflessness and courage make you all heroes who will be remembered throughout the ages.
On this extremely important day we are in town celebrating at the local parade and luncheon but for all our readers I wanted to share one of my favourite poems...

No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest - Dame Mary Gilmore

Sons of the mountains of Scotland,
Welshmen of coomb and defile,
Breed of the moors of England,
Children of Erin's green isle,
We stand four square to the tempest,
Whatever the battering hail-
No foe shall gather our harvest,
Or sit on our stockyard rail.

Our women shall walk in honour,
Our children shall know no chain,
This land, that is ours forever,
The invader shall strike at in vain.
Anzac!...Tobruk!...and Kokoda!...
Could ever the old blood fail?
No foe shall gather our harvest,
Or sit on our stockyard rail.

So hail-fellow-met we muster,
And hail-fellow-met fall in,
Wherever the guns may thunder,
Or the rocketing air-mail spin!
Born of the soil and the whirlwind,
Though death itself be the gale-
No foe shall gather our harvest
Or sit on our stockyard rail.

We are the sons of Australia,
of the men who fashioned the land;
We are the sons of the women
Who walked with them hand in hand;
And we swear by the dead who bore us,
By the heroes who blazed the trail,
No foe shall gather our harvest,
Or sit on our stockyard rail.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning we shall remember them. 
Lest we forget. 

Eddison wearing his Rising Sun badge and waving his flag at the parade in Mungindi ANZAC day 2013.