How do we Pick Cotton? Version 2 - Baler Pickers

Friday, 10th May 2013 // Cotton Dictionary, A Cotton Season, Cotton Research & Science

This video has been a long time coming! But here it is... my 'How Does it Work?' of Baler Pickers.

How does it work? - Baler Pickers | Play video »

The John Deere 7760 cotton picker has literally reshaped the cotton industry. 

A few years ago we would pick with 2 cotton pickers, 2 bolly buggys, 4 module builders requiring a crew of about 15 people. Now we only need 1 picker and 1 bale grab and we only need our 4 permanent full-time staff.

The technology in these pickers is incredible. We measure everything from tyre pressure to the amount of moisture in every bale, at the click of a button. It also steers itself and selects the right rows to pick next. 

Check out the video...