A Wooly Winter Weekend

Tuesday, 23rd July 2013 // Cotton Research & Science, Industry News & Events

This weekend we took a break for a cotton research tour, rugby and a gorgeous day on top of a mountain.

Happy farm safety week everyone!

This week Eddison and Matilda (dog) helped out at the shed as we serviced some tractors. They take their roles as foreman and overseer very seriously as they watch everything going on. 

Yes, you read right, Eddison's safety vest says 'The Boss' on the back. Not that he needed telling!

We've been busily continuing our earthworks program. And as some of the team head off on holidays, Farmer Carl, the youngest of the team, is learning to drive the excavator and doing a pretty good job too!

Here we're desilting a head ditch. Scraping out the dirt that has washed in during rain. 

This is a good beginners job and gives Carl lots of practise at perfecting his skills. 

We quite often get asked if it would be more efficient and save irrigation water if we were to line these channels and ditches with concrete. As you can see the dirt is light and easily washed away. If we used concrete it would only take a few inches of rain to wash out underneath it and cause it to crack making it ineffective.

Our rotational wheat is also looking pretty good after a little bit of rain this past week as well. 

This year we've planted some 'distraction crop' along our fence-lines. This extra bit of crop has the sole purpose of feeding the kangaroos and wallabies that would other wise be feeding off our main cropping areas. It's been amazing how well it's working! This particular area hasn't even been touched. 

On Friday Farmer Andrew headed off on a Cotton research tour in Narrabri put together by the Lower Namoi CGA, Walgett CGA, CRDC & the CottonInfo team. The tour looked at the latest in research, seed production, ginning & farmimg systems and advocacy in the cotton industry. Andrew had a great day while Bess and Eddie took some time out at a friends house.

Here the tour group looks at Cotton plants in the CSIROs greenhouses.

On Saturday we sat down to a 'recovery breakfast' where we were joined by Cotton Australia's Adam Kay via skype, to talk about more industry issues. Followed by a trip out to watch the local Rubgy Union competition as the Narrabri Blue Boars played the Tamworth Pirates. 

We topped of an excellent weekend on Sunday when our good friend, Matt Norrie, took us for a look at some of the sights in the Narrabri area. 

Eddison enjoying our picnic lunch. 

We headed to the top of Mount Kaputar for a look.
Being a beatiful clear, although very chilly, day we could see right out accross the plains and accross to the Warrambungles.
The view is amazing! If you are ever in the area it is definitely worth a look. 

Thank you so much to Matt Norrie, Geoff Hunter, Matt Swansbra and Sarah Leitch for putting together a great weekend we had an absolute ball!