Head Office - Sydney

  • Adam Kay


    Chief Executive Officer

    Adam is responsible for overall management and leadership of the organisation and represents Cotton Australia to government, media and other industry organisations.  He is involved in all aspects of the business and is the public face of Cotton Australia.

    • Phone: 02 9669 5222
  • Therese Wooden


    Finance Manager

    Therese is responsible for all accounting functions of Cotton Australia, manages the financial aspects of government projects and is the primary contact for levy collection.  Therese also manages the accounts for special projects such as the Australian Cotton Conference and the Australian Cotton Industry Awards.

    • Phone: 02 9669 5222
  • Angela Bradburn


    Policy Officer (Part Time)

    Angela contributes to Cotton Australia’s policy formulation and advocacy and acts as a reference point for industry organisations, government and other stakeholder groups on key policy and research issues. Angela’s areas of focus currently include telecommunications, workforce policy, and sustainability.

    • Phone:  02 9669 5222
  • Rochelle Zakher


    Executive Assistant (Part Time)

    Rochelle assists a number of the Senior Management staff with administrative and organisational tasks, as well as providing administration support for special events such as the Cotton Collective, staff and Board meetings.

    • Phone: 02 9669 5222
  • Jennifer Brown


    Policy Officer

    Jennifer draws on her strategic policy and advocacy experience to foster policies that reflect growers’ needs as well as engage industry organisations and government with Cotton Australia. Jennifer’s current areas of focus include energy and environmental matters.

  • Robert Virtue


    Communications Manager - Digital Strategy

    Robert works to share information about the Australian cotton industry to growers, media and the public. He uses his experience as a journalist to craft written and visual communication resources for strategic distribution on digital and traditional media platforms to inform people in and out of the industry.

    • Ph: (02) 9669 5222
  • Sally Ceeney


    Policy Officer - Research Direction and Stewardship

    Sally has 20 years’ experience in the Australian cotton industry and is based in Warren, NSW. Sally uses her extensive experience in the industry to formulate policy around stewardship on spray drift, the industry’s continued access to pesticides, stewardship and grower advocacy on biotechnologies, and convenes grower input into industry research direction. Sally came to Cotton Australia after working as CottonInfo’s technical lead for Bt and Insecticide Stewardship.

    • Phone: 0459 189 771
  • Lucy Brennan


    Communications Manager - Stakeholder Engagement

    Lucy is Cotton Australia's Communications Manager responsible for stakeholder engagement. Lucy is committed to growing a strong working relationship with growers, media, government and business to help drive the advancement of the cotton industry.

    • Ph: 0455 035 666

Regional Office - Toowoomba

  • Michael Murray


    General Manager

    Michael uses his own extensive experience and Cotton Australia's alliances to develop and influence policies that affect growers.  A specialist water policy manager with overall responsibility for Cotton Australia’s water portfolio at State and Federal levels, Michael also covers coal seam gas and policy areas specific to Queensland.

    • Phone: 0427 707 868
  • Rick Kowitz


    myBMP Manager

    Rick is responsible for the leadership and management of the cotton industry's best practice initiative, myBMP.  His role includes development, adoption and certification with a focus on encouraging participation. Rick also ensures myBMP provides Australian cotton growers with a centralised location to access the industry’s best practice standards, fully supported by scientific knowledge, resources and technical support.

    • Phone: 0427 050 832
  • Nicole Scott


    myBMP Customer Service Officer

    Nicole is responsible for the management and operations of the myBMP website and supplying cotton growers with quality and timely support.

    • Phone: 1800 COTTON (1800 268 866)

Brisbane Office

  • Paul Sloman


    Policy Officer / Grower Engagement

    Formerly our regional manager for Northern NSW, Paul has moved into a new role covering both policy and grower engagement, working on issues such as electricity efficiency, telecommunications and promoting Cotton Australia's education program to schools in south-east Queensland.

    • Phone: 0448 094 883

Regional Office - Narrabri

  • Alec Macintosh


    Regional Manager - Northern NSW

    Alec represents Cotton Australia in the northern NSW valleys (Gwydir, Namoi, Walgett & Bourke), communicating important issues to growers, promoting policy initiatives and managing grower feedback on issues and research direction. He also extends myBMP support to growers in his districts of operation.

    Phone: 0428 618 004

Regional Office - Griffith

  • Honi Anderson


    Regional Manager (Riverina & Southern Valleys)

    Honi represents Cotton Australia at a regional level by communicating important issues to growers, promoting policy initiatives and managing grower feedback on issues and research direction. Her responsibilities also include extending myBMP support to Australian cotton growers.

    • Phone: 0437 700 300

Field Staff

The following staff are employed part-time to support cotton growers at the local level across a range of cotton production and community issues, and education.

  • Renee Anderson


    Regional Manager (Central Highlands)

    • Phone: 0448 125 156
  • Julie Wise


    Regional Manager (Macquarie Valley)

    • Phone: 0447 370 043
  • Jane Hill


    Regional Manager (St George, Dirranbandi & Mungindi)

    • Phone: 0419 259 194
  • Mary O'Brien


    Regional Manager (Darling Downs)

    • Phone: 0408 982 291
  • Cate Wild


    Regional Manager (Macintyre Valley)

    • Phone: 0487 713 014


  • Rebecca Fing


    Workforce & Training Coordinator

    Rebecca is responsible for driving Cotton Australia’s workforce strategy to ensure growers and the industry have access to well-trained and skilled staff into the future.

    • Phone: 0427 107 234
  • Brooke Summers


    Supply Chain Consultant – Cotton to Market Program

    Brooke is owner and Director of Step Communication, a consultancy specialising in communication, marketing and story-telling predominantly for the rural, regional and agricultural sectors. Brooke has provided communication services to Cotton Australia for over a decade. Brooke is currently Manager - Supply Chain relationships, and leads Cotton Australia’s Cotton to Market project, a coordinated effort to position cotton as the fibre of choice in the world market by influencing brand owner, retailer, manufacturer and consumer behaviour.

    • Phone: 0418 962 942
  • Claudia Vicary


    Project Officer - AgSkilled

    Claudia administers the AgSkilled project, an initiative funded by the NSW Department of Industry and designed to help secure the future of the state's cotton and grains industries by funding training and qualifications.

    • Phone: 0409 043 774