Biosecurity Group

This group meets annually to discuss current industry biosecurity issues and to make sure that the cotton industry’s responsibilities under the Emergency Plant Pest Response (EPPR) Deed are met each year.

Discipline Organisation Representative
Cotton production Cotton Australia David Walton
Extension CottonInfo Sharna Holman
Entomology CSIRO Wee Tek Tay
Entomology  CSIRO  Simone Heimoana
Entomology  DAF Qld  Paul Grundy
Entomology  NSW DPI  Robert Mensah
Entomology UQ Dean Brookes
Plant Biosecurity NSW DPI  Rebekah Pierce
Biosecurity Planning DAF Qld  Suzy Perry
Pathology  DAF Qld  Linda Smith
Pathology  NSW DPI  Karen Kirkby
Policy Cotton Australia Sally Ceeney
Policy Cotton Australia Paul Sloman
Research & Development  CRDC Susan Maas 
Virology DAF Qld  Murray Sharman
Weeds DAF Qld  Jeff Werth