myBMP module highlight: Sustainable Natural Landscape (Natural Assets)

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The myBMP Sustainable Natural Landscape (Natural Assets) module provides growers with a framework for managing natural assets across the whole farm to achieve better environmental and production outcomes. The module focuses on the non-cropping areas of the farm and identifies legislative requirements and recommended best practices for soil, water and biodiversity. Both Queensland and NSW have legal requirements associated with clearing native vegetation, modifying riverine areas and controlling invasive plants and animals.

The myBMP Sustainable Natural Landscape (Natural Assets) module assists growers with:

  • Identifying and recording natural resources
  • Maintaining and improving the diversity of native plants and animals in the cotton landscapes
  • Managing carbon sequestration and emissions
  • Maintaining groundcover
  • Improving native vegetation connectivity in cotton landscapes
  • Stock management
  • Maintaining habitat and vegetation in riparian areas
  • Stabilising riverbanks and waterways to reduce erosion
  • Controlling environmental weeds and feral pests (terrestrial and aquatic)

More information

  • Click here for more information about the myBMP Sustainable Natural Landscape (Natural Assets) module

  • Click here to download CottonInfo’s latest Australian Cotton Production Manual

  • Click here to access CottonInfo’s natural resource management information

  • Contact myBMP Sustainable Natural Landscape Module Lead and CottonInfo Technical Lead for Natural Resources, Stacey Vogel: 0428 266 712 or