Have your say: area-wide management plans for Silverleaf whitefly

Tuesday, 8th August 2017 // Cotton Matters // Comments (0)

The Cotton Australia-facilitated TIMS (Transgenic and Insect Management Strategies) Committee recently wrote to each Southern CGA (excluding Central Queensland) to request grower feedback on a regional 30-day window for pyriproxyfen application to address emerging resistance risks for Silverleaf whitefly (SLW). Growers are encouraged to discuss the issue directly with their local CGA representatives (noting that the process has already taken place in some valleys).

Data from the industry SLW resistance monitoring program shows an increase in pyriproxyfen (e.g. Admiral®) resistance for SLW. Pyriproxyfen is a cornerstone product for SLW management. Widespread pyriproxyfen resistance may have long-term market access issues for Australia cotton associated with sticky cotton.

To reduce the risk of product failure, the TIMS Insecticide Technical Panel is recommending a 30-day window for each region in which pyriproxyfen can be applied. This window will be voluntary and sit outside of regulation (unlike the Bollgard® 2 planting window) so each CGA is requested to encourage compliance for their region.

The aim of narrowing the pyriproxyfen window is to minimise consecutive generations of SLW being exposed to resistance selection and ensure the product is being applied once per season when most effective.

To develop a regional application window for pyriproxyfen, TIMS wrote to each CGA to request the following:

  • That each CGA consults with members to identify a suitable 30-day window for pyriproxyfen application. Refer to additional information here when selecting a window, noting that it should conclude just prior to row closure for the majority of cotton in the region.
  • Please notify the TIMS Committee of the preferred pyriproxyfen window by emailing the TIMS Committee Executive Officer, Nicola Cottee at NicolaC@cotton.org.au ASAP and before COB on September 1, 2017.
  • A 30-day window will be assigned by the TIMS Insecticides Technical Panel, where a preferred window is not nominated by the CGA.

Growers are encouraged to discuss the issue directly with their local CGA representative or contact Nicola Cottee (details above) for more information.