myBMP module highlight: pesticide management

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The myBMP pesticide management module assists growers with the storage, handling and correct application of pesticides to reduce any potential negative impacts to growers, cotton businesses, neighbouring farmers and the environment.


The pesticide management module helps growers to ensure that:

  • comprehensive farm map and other documents covering relevant spray issues have been created and maintained
  • all the necessary records relating to pesticide management are kept up to date
  • staff members are made aware of the information they require for safe use of pesticides
  • there is an agreed communication process with consultants, spray contractors and neighbours
  • careful consideration is given when selecting a pesticide
  • careful consideration is given when applying a pesticide
  • the correct application equipment and techniques are used
  • all chemicals are transported and handled in an appropriate manner
  • all chemicals are stored appropriately
  • all chemicals are mixed appropriately
  • all equipment is decontaminated properly
  • proper container management and disposal of unwanted chemicals procedures are followed

More information:

myBMP support:

Support is available from the following contacts:

  1. myBMP support team (myBMP Manager Rick Kowitz and myBMP Customer Service Officer Nicole Scott): call 1800 COTTON (1800 268 866) or email
  2. myBMP biosecurity module lead and CottonInfo Technical Specialist (Biosecurity), Susan Maas (CRDC): call 0477 344 214 or email


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